Vance Consulting

Small Business Consulting / Training / Coaching / Hardware & Software Solutions


*  Prices based on $75/hr. Labor

*  Most Joomla software and add-ons (extensions) are free.

Domain Names

You will need a Domain Name for your website.  Examples of a Domain Names are,,, and  We do not provide Domain Names.  I recommend that you type Domain Name” in Google and purchase from whoever is the least expensive. They will send you an email with the information that we will need to aim it at your web site.

Warning: Most of the providers of Domain names are also web hosts.  You can purchase a domain name for as little as $0.50 but hosting is usually at least $5 per month, or $60 per year.

Web Hosting

You will also need a web host.  We are not connected to any web hosting companies.  You will have to set up the paid hosting account.  They will send you an email with the information that we will need to set up your website. You will need a host that is capable of running the latest version of Joomla.  You can ask them, or Google "Hosting"; when you see a price that you are happy with, we can check their ability to run Joomla for you.

Website Development

  1. Basic Joomla Web Site with custom Artister template - $1500-$2000
  2. Add-ons known as "Extensions" – (Visit Joomla Extensions ), that are listed as non-commercial are free, if there is a cost the extension is listed as commercial. Many of the free extensions are just as good as the commercial ones.
    1. Social buttons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - $35 installation fee (FREE as a professional courtesy to Orange County Graduate Coaches).
    2. Comments - $35
    3. Calendar - $150
    4. Shopping Cart / Online Store - $300
    5. PayPal - you set up your account (PayPal business account set-up), we install it on your site - $75
    6. Browse the Joomla site for more extensions, such as calendars, maps, financial items, etc. Contact us for pricing if you find something you want added. Usually an hour or less labor charge.

On Going Web Support

  1. Maintenance (for sites we set up only)
    1. Monthly support of up to 30 minutes per month ($450 yearly value) for $360. This is billed $30/month at the start of the month, and can be canceled by simply not paying the invoice.
    2. Billing on a per issue basis (just for time used), is based on $75/hr. Things like adding pages or articles that you are going to populate only takes about 10 minutes and would only cost $12.50. The minimum charge is 10 minutes.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.